How to choose the perfect ski resort?

Choosing the right ski resort is crucial for an enjoyable skiing holidays, but it can be tricky. There are several factors to consider: location, ski area size, cost of ski passes, accommodation, food, apres-ski activities, ski lessons, ski equipment rentals, climate, and snow conditions.


For most winter sports enthusiasts, the size of a ski area plays an important role in choosing their holiday destination.

But there’s much more to consider than just these basic parameters. For a comprehensive understanding of the biggest and most impressive ski resorts in Europe, explore our ranking of the “Top Biggest Ski Resorts in Europe.” Find your perfect ski destination!  


The ranking includes the largest ski resorts in 10 European countries. It’s the first-ever objective ranking based on ski run length (km) and altitude difference.

In total, we have developed 56 rankings divided by countries and regions. Over 400 classified ski resorts!

While viewing the ranking, you will find out what the largest ski resorts are in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, and across Europe.

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